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Are we informed about monogrammed leather wristlet weight and volume after shipment?
Guangzhou Sanlly Leather Co., Ltd provides the weight and quantity after the dispatch of monogrammed leather wristlet . If you do not get it, then please contact our customer services. It is wise for you and us to understand how to compute shipping costs. We can creatively combine your packaging to streamline logistics and reduce transport costs.

Sanlly Leather has been proven by time to be a producer skilled at developing, manufacturing and selling leather card wallet ladies. The women's leather handbags series has become a hot product of Sanlly Leather. The product is safe enough. The ammonia refrigerants used have a proven safety record in part because leaks are not likely to escape detection. The best style in the world is the style looks on you. Excessive glare causes users' poor visual perceptions. With a lightproof component, this product performs excellently in anti-glare control and it is useful for protecting users' eyes. A Craft to Withstand Test of Time.

Leather backpack handbags concept always runs through Sanlly Leather's corporate culture. Please contact us!
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