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Sanlly portable customization

Sanlly portable customization

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Product Details
Sanlly Leather adheres to the principle of 'details determine success or failure' and pays great attention to the details of handbags factory.Sanlly Leather carries out strict quality monitoring and cost control on each production link of handbags factory, from raw material purchase, production and processing and finished product delivery to packaging and transportation. This effectively ensures the product has better quality and more favorable price than other products in the industry.
Application Scope
Sanlly Leather's leather manufacturer can play an important role in various fields.Sanlly Leather is rich in industrial experience and is sensitive about customers' needs. We can provide comprehensive and one-stop solutions based on customers' actual situations.
Company Advantages
1. Sanlly , made of the finest quality materials, has a touch of class.
2. It can be reused if needed, which will save one extra energy and investment and be a better approach to environmental sustainability.
3. This product is not prone to pill, which can turn even the softest bedding into an uncomfortable situation when balls of the fabric start to build up.
4. Operators can deepen their knowledge of machine operation by using this product, which helps them accumulate technical know-how and become an important role in machine operation.
5. This beautifully designed product will bring a different feeling to the color of the room, adding a bright and stylish hue.

Company Features
1. As a manufacturer, Guangzhou Sanlly Leather Co., Ltd is quite professional.
2. Guangzhou Sanlly Leather Co., Ltd strictly control the quality of raw material to make sure quality assurance of .
3. Emphasized on , is Guangzhou Sanlly Leather Co., Ltd service philosophy. Ask! Guangzhou Sanlly Leather Co., Ltd has established the service philosophy of . Ask!
Product Description
Advantages of FRP structure for Greenhouse :

1.The main frame adopts a one-time molding process, with good mechanical properties, which can transfer the carrying capacity of all parts of the surface of the greenhouse to the base, without forming concentrated stress, thus improving the overall strength;
2.It has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance. In the environment of high temperature and high oxygen content in the greenhouse, and in the environment of high temperature and low temperature in the rain and snow exposed to ultraviolet light, its mechanical properties and surface structure will not change significantly, and its service life is more than 30 years;
3.High strength, can reach or more than the same cross-sectional area of steel toughness, specific gravity is only 1/4 of the steel, easy to install construction.

Greenhouse Cooling Systems
Greenhouse Fans, Shutters, Evaporative Cooling, Greenhouse Misting, Shade Cloth

Without the right greenhouse cooling or climate conditioning your greenhouse can quickly become too hot for your plants. Beat the heat with a properly designed greenhouse cooling system. Whether it be through greenhouse fans, greenhouse ventilation shutters, an evaporative cooling system, or a complete greenhouse misting system, make sure your greenhouse is the correct temperature and humidity for your plants. 

Our selection of exhaust, circulation and greenhouse fans can also be used in a variety of applications. They are commonly used in warehouses, garages, store rooms, even computer server rooms; anywhere that needs air movement and cooling. Browse our greenhouse cooling and ventilation products below.
Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate Sheets and Polycarbonate Panels are perfect for hundreds of projects.

Polycarbonate Panels are the jack-of-all-trades for plastic sheets. Durable, versatile, and easy to work with, polycarbonate panels can be used in hundreds of custom projects. Patio and pergola coverings, skylights, custom greenhouses and other structures. We've even had customers use them for solar cookers and biomass generators. There is no limit to their use.

Polycarbonate panels are less expensive in comparison to almost any other plastic sheet, and they are easier to work with than glass or acrylic. Use polycarbonate panels for your next custom project.

Polyurethane Sandwich Insulation Panel as wall & door for Greenhouse

The filling material is fireproof polyurethane, which has better fireproof and heat preservation effect than rock wool, and is lighter and more environmentally friendly.

Shade Window

Shade from the sun and connect with the natural wind

Why Choose HongBang FRP Fiberglass profiles:

HongBang Composites manufactures hand lay-up and filament wound FRP profile in all commercially available resin systems including: polyester, vinyl ester, furan, phenolic, and epoxy. Resin systems, as well as reinforcements, are tailored for specific applications. 

The design of any FRP profile must take into account many different factors. Corrosion allowances, operating pressure, vacuum, temperature, abrasion, flammability, and electrical conductivity are just a few of the characteristics that must be considered and addressed with proper choice of materials of construction. Mechanical design evaluates the strength of the FRP profile, the requirements for supports, thermal expansion compensation, burial loads, wind, snow and seismic considerations. Laminate analysis, and when required, finite element analysis is a part of the overall FRP profile design solution.

The system analysis is completed using conventional techniques, substituting appropriate physical properties for the fiberglass system specified. A typical Specification for fiberglass profile is also available from HongBang Composites.

FRP Structure for Application in Corrosive Environment:

FRP or Fiberglass reinforced thermoset plastic FRP structure is often the material of choice for corrosive process systems. This is due to a variety of factors, including:

• Customizable for a variety of applications
• Light weight (< 20% of steel, 10% of concrete)
• Excellent strength to weight (stronger than steel on an equal weight basis)
• Low coefficient of friction (>25% better than steel)
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Low thermal conductivity (saving insulation costs)
• Low long-term maintenance costs

An evaluation of life cycle costs of a system, including all of the above variables, often demonstrates significant cost savings for FRP structure vs. steel; with even greater cost savings over alternative alloy materials.

FRP vs Steel / Aluminum / Wood
For over 40 years HongBang has been manufacturing industrial fiber reinforced plastic profiles (FRP/GRP pipe), duct and header systems, serving both national and international markets.
Certificates of Utility Model Patent.

Self-developed FRP shutters got two Certificates of Utility Model Patent. One patent No is Zl 2007 2 0100630.1 for Fixed Shutters and the other is Zl 2007 2 0100631.6 for Movable Shutters.

Sanlly achieves excellent levels of detail. The product has passed the anti-abrasion test
is a popular product in the market now which is processed with . The product is easy to clean thanks to its smooth surface
The production process of Sanlly has been improved by the professional team. The product is widely accepted for its resistance to splitting
Skillful manufacture is perfectly demonstrate in production process of . It can be supplied with different packaging methods including plastic pallet packaging, carrier tape packaging, etc
is made by high quality materials. It has gained a wide reputation for good toughness
The prodcut has a simple design. It is designed with a simplified structure with fewer components connected, which allows it to move easily. It is pre-coated with anti-corrosion lubricant
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